What’s the difference between the Signature and Tantric Sessions?

This is a question we get asked incredibly often so we thought we would give you a bit more of a comparison. 

Signature Session: These begin with a nice warm, candlelit shower together. The massage is our combination of relaxation massage and sensual touch with a silky body to body slide. Pressure depends entirely on you desire and varies from hostess to hostess. Let us know if you have a specific request. As with all our sessions, it is hands only.

Tantric Session: This is a light Tantra in comparison to our Tibetan Tantra sessions. The light Tantra sessions still begin with a nice warm candlelit shower together. We teach you a few important breathing techniques to use throughout the session. These help build up that sexual energy leading to a more powerful release. The massage involves more teasing than the signature sessions and longer time spent on the build up to release. There is a different Lingam massage technique as well. It is still, as always, hands only. We don’t offer anything shorter than 1hr for the tantric sessions and a longer session is highly recommended. 

If you’ve tried and enjoyed the light Tantric sessions, our Tibetan Tantra can help take you to the next level and teach you everything you need to know about your own pleasure and the pleasure of your partner.