A Ladies Touch Massage


The Ladies



Curving and captivating, for the lover of beautiful feminine features and a warm sensual personality. Engaging for your mind and body all at once.


Sultry babe hailing from Montreal. Enticingly sensual with the very sexy French accent to draw you in even further and the skills to keep you there.


Sensual massage is one of my favourite ways to drop my stress, get out of my head and reconnect back into my body. I recommend the ladies at ALT to any of my friends who will listen. The value you get for their prices is (in my opinion) unbeatable in this city. Usually the hour before I arrive for a session, I feel stressed, tired and grumpy. But when I leave after my session, I feel nourished, cared for, important, and deeply satisfied. I am a huge fan of this place and I’ve been coming back for years for a reason.

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