Time for some Q & A!

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Hey there,

We're here answering some of your most commonly asked questions.

We've gathered some questions from our clients and perspective clients that ya'll have been dying to have answered. Maybe its clarification on our services or the experience of coming to see us but either way I hope you learn something new and get to know us all a little better. More posts to come but here is a few questions to get us started!

Who is welcome?

Also long as you meet the age requirement of 19, anyone is. You are welcome no matter your gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, body type or size. You are welcome as long as you are respectful of our boundaries, rules, space and time. If you have any concerns or worries based on any of these things we encourage you to contact us before your session. 

Where are you located?

We are in downtown Vancouver, BC. near BC Place. We have a beautiful space in a quiet discrete building. The address is only given upon booking and we ask as part of our provider/client privacy that you do not share our address with anyone else once it has been given to you.

What are the boundaries?

All our services are hands or, in the case of foot fetish sessions, foot only. We do not offer full service. We do not offer oral services. Respectful touching of our bodies, not between the legs is okay but we are all individual humans so it is best to directly ask your hostess if you are unsure if something is okay. Consent is sexy!

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

We understand that life happens, but please think of us as a regular business that you might make a booking with. After all, if you cancel on your RMT she still charges you for it.

If you cancel on short notice there can be a $50 cancelation fee at our discretion. If you simply do not show up we will ask for full payment of the missed session, that is if we choose to book you in the future at all.

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