Interview with Penny: Part 2


Hey Penny,

We've got some more questions for you!

What’s your sign and what qualities of it do you identify with?

Leo: I have a very big heart. My inner circle will always feel that love and loyalty. That includes my favourite clients. I am also very straightforward. I say what I mean so you never need to doubt my honesty.

Favourite thank you gift to receive?

Spa Gift Cards. I spend a lot of time pampering others but don’t take enough time to treat myself. Or cash... no one is ever mad at cash.

What do you do to relax?

Cuddling all the animals for one. But I also like to set my house up with candles, take a bath and turn my phone off. 

What kind of music do you listen to? What are some of your favourite bands or artists?

Always Drake, I can’t not love him. But also a wide variety of other genres and artists. 6lack, Mazzy Star, Billy Holiday, Towns Van Zandt, TRST, Alan Rayman. You can see the complete jumble in those examples I’m sure. 

What kind of music sets the mood? Your sexy playlist.

The Weeknd, Drake, Lana Del Ray, 6lack, Corbin.

The Ladies